A Walk with Fairies is my personal blog that reflects all projects I am working on. The name fairy is an indirect reference to me, Shay. I never used to like my name when I was growing up, I always thought it was too short. Then one day I found out what my name meant: it is Irish, and means “from the fairy fort“. Knowing the meaning to my name transformed me, like magick. So for anyone following my blog, I invite you to come take a walk with me through a journey of self discovery, with lots of fun and silly laughter along the way.

I am an Australian, originally from the Gold Coast, who has spent the last 14 years living in Japan and Barcelona, working as an English as a foreign language teacher. My interests include sports, books, travel, cinema and scrapbooking. I am currently studying my MA in Applied Linguistics online with the University of Southern Queensland. I have 3 guinea pigs: Mokka, Sheldon and Cui, as well as a beautiful hamster, Yuki (which is Japanese for snow, because she has white fur). I never would have thought my rodant family would bring me as much fun and happiness as they have.



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