2013: A Year in Review

In some ways 2013 has been a strange year, not just for me, but apparently for many people. However, sitting here on December 31 I am proud of my year and what I have done with it. Each and every experience has allowed me to be exactly where I need to be today.

2013 has seen me continue my upward trend reagrding my personal goals I set each year. Alberto and I made a New Year’s Resolution box on January 1st, and it hasn’t been opened all year, so it has a bit of dust. But I am so excited to open it tonight and see how many I have been able to accomplish 🙂 Working with Greig, my life coach, has really helped me be better at goal-setting and I think that it has such a positive influence on my life. I have no shame in admiting that I am ambitious and need a challenge, and this is true for all aspects of me- work, family, friends, life in general. I need to see that I am going forward. One thing I have learnt is that while it is good to move forward, it is equally important to look back over your past and enjoy the fun and special moments. For next year I hope to include this amazing idea from No Time For Flashcards website I think it is a beautiful idea to get the family together and relive the good moments of the year that’s been before making plans and projects for the new year. 2014 will also see me finish my first ever 101 goals in 1001 days, I can’t wait to see how many I managed to do.

Work this year has been so interconnected with my studies, I am enjoying studying my MA, I still feel like the more I learn, the less I really know. It is challenging but also rewarding when I can see myself getting better, even if they are just baby steps. Without a doubt 2013 is a year that I am extremely proud of workwise. I went on my first ever business trip to attend the International House Young Learner Conference in Rome. It is so aspiring to see all these dedicated people sharing their knowledge about what they know regarding good YL Pedagogy. I finished my first year tutoring teachers in YL teaching, and while I am sure I could have done a lot better, I think that at the end of the day I was the one who learnt the most, not the teachers I was tutoring. Like the Jedi philosophy states,

only when you are a teacher, do you truly learn

I also had my first article published which was very exciting. My MA and my teaching passion is YLs. I feel really lucky to be able to work in a field that I not only love but that I feel makes me a better person. Working with kids is such a rewarding experience, and I hope in the future to be able to continue to help other teachers to share my passion. After 5 amazing years working at IH Sabadell, I resigned this summer and am working in another language academy. It took a lot of time to make this decision, but if I am to be true to myself, I need time to really dedicate myself to my studies, I feel I have a lot to offer the teaching profession, and I had gone as far as I could with IH Sabadell. My current position has brought many difficulties and challenges, but I am glad I wasn’t afraid to make the move. So many people are afraid of the unknown, that they prefer to take the easy way out and stick with what they know. 2013 has taught me that I while I definitely respect the concept of change, I am strong enough to do what needs to be done so that I continue my professional development.

All this positivity would make you think that 2013 was perfect for me, but it wasn’t. January 4th saw me the victim of a commonplace crime here in Spain– my mobile was stolen out of my hand from a motorbiker who had snuck up behind me on the sidewalk while I was 20m from my house. I felt violated and afraid that there are people out there who think it is okay to do this kind of thing, or worse to other people. Of course, I replaced my phone, but I couldn’t get back my photos, videos, or my carefree nature. They are forever lost to me. I was also the focus of some pretty heavy bullying. What I learnt from that experience is that no one has the right to shout, belittle, degrade another person not matter what. It can’t be brushed aside as a certain type of humour, or excused by saying it was the result of nerves. I have learnt that we are in control of our actions, and I have no intention of treating others any other way than how I expect to be treated myself, or allowing anyone to treat me with less respect than I show them. For those out there who still don’t see what all the fuss about bullying is, I ask you to watch this music clip by P!nk

Finally, my year in review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the most beautiful person in the world, my partner Alberto. He has been so patient with me and he has taught me so much about having a positive outlook on life. If I have been able to grow and be a better person it is because I have never had to doubt our relationship. I know that I am loved and am the luckiest person in the world. I know there are many partners out there, but Alberto is mine and I am so proud of our relationship, our love and our life. He is my best friend and I know that I am a better person because he has chosen to share his life with me. T’estimo i sempre t’estimaré.

May 2014 bring you lots of love, fun and silly laughter,


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