Celebrating the Festive Season: Yule & Christmas

With December only a week away, this post is for anyone who would like to really get into the holiday season. For Wiccans it is Yule, but I was raised on Christmas and so I really want to enjoy the holiday season with my family too, so I thought why not combine the two and celebrate the whole of December. Also my partner is Catalan/ Spanish and he has a different way of celebrating this festive season too. The idea is not to spend a lot of money, or any at all. It is about bringing magick to our lives each day for the 24 days before Christmas. Some peole say that all of this has become commericalised, but I believe it is as commerical as you make it. If you fill your heart and homes with love and festive cheer, then I think that you will enjoy this month’s celebrations.

December 1
Break out all the decorations for the season and go crazy decorating your house for the holidays. Use an advent calendar, I bought mine from IKEA so I can re-use it each year. With your loved ones (roommates, friends, pets, you) write down 24 activities you would like to do, mix them up and place them in the advent calendar. Each day open the calendar and surprise! You have a fun activity planned for the day 🙂

Next, select 24 Christmas books, kids books, short stories (basically anything that can be read as a bedtime story) and either wrap them up, or keep them on the bedside table to read: a different story for each night. I think I am going to wrap them up, as this is the first time I will be doing this and I would really like to get into the spirit. Given my passion for books, I thought that it was a really great way to make it part of my celebrations.

Yule Surprise Box
This idea comes from a fantastic website The Imagination Tree, but I thought that I would use it for Yule instead. Fill a decorated box with anything you like, it doesn’t have to be new or expensive. Leave it wrapped up until after the Yule Ritual and enjoy a festive dinner with presents. In mine I will have new pyjamas, sweets, a new book, and then a yellow candle to represent the rebirth of the Sun God, and then Incence such as Myrrh and Frankincence. After the Yule ritual I will try and wake up for sunrise and welcome the Sun back, with a walk in nature.

Christmas Eve: The Catalan Way
In Spain they traditionally celebrate the Epiphany (January 6) with the 3 Wise Men bringing presents to the kids. In Catalan tradition they have what is called a Caga Tió, which is fed every night until Christmas Eve. Then after dinner, everyone gathers around and sing a song while the kids whack Caga Tió. They then leave the room and when the kids come back, Caga Tió has presents for them hidden under his blanket. I am not a fan of violence, so I think that I will skip the whacking part, and just have everyone sing the song. Afterwards, I am going to watch Love Actually, as it has become somewhat of a tradition to watch that film on Christmas Eve. If anyone has any other films they like to watch for Christmas, please let me know in the comments below.

Christmas Day
This is the day to celebrate whatever way you want. Every family and person have their own traditions, and I think that it is important to respect this.

However you choose to celebrate the festive season, I wish you lots of magick, love and silly laughter for the month of December. I will be editing this post and adding content as I go. I would love your feedback and your ideas to make the holiday season a beautiful end to the year.

Best wishes always,





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4 Responses to Celebrating the Festive Season: Yule & Christmas

  1. Good post! We too like to celebrate the ‘festive season’ as just that, a ‘season.’ A meaningful and enjoyable period of time, not just a couple of days. We begin just prior to the Solstice, go through Christmas & New Year and have a defined conclusion on Twelfth Night/Epiphany. We were wondering however, if for many people in Australia, the Christmas period has become like over here in the UK? People frantically running around from November onward, spending money they can’t afford, complaining about all the fuss and then by the evening of the 26th, they are ready to exclaim that they’re glad it’s all over! Such a shame!

    • fairyshay19 says:

      Hiya! Thanks for your comments. I think that in general there has been this shift towards a more materialistic side, that is why I wanted to do this post… To show that we can celebrate the festive season without going bankrupt. Today my nephew and sister-in-law will come and decorate our house for the holidays. We are hoping to show him the magic of the holiday is in the relationships you have: with family, friends and society in general and not in the presents he gets. Best wishes for the holiday season 🙂

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