Burning Down the Year

The October Full Moon brings cool, clear nights and the knowledge that winter is coming. It is a moon of new goals. It’s the time to reflect on the past year and to evaluate achievements; letting go of old habits and energies. Think about how far you have come this past year, and how far you still have to go. Write down a short list of things you wish to release in order to progress and make room for the new. Affirmation: There is fun to be found in all situations! Activities: Dancing, eating delicious food, storytelling.

Ritual 2013

Candles: Blue and Purple. Gems: Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli. Element: Air

Gather all leftovers from the previous magickal year and clear off the altar, leaving it bare. Meditate on the past year: both good and bad. This allows the countdown to Samhain to be more peaceful with a lot less unfinished business.

1. Dinner 

Explain the significance of the day and what the ritual will be about. Make up a story with 10 word cards, chosen at random. Menu: Apple Dip and Crackers, Green Beans and Tomato, Ginger and Pear Chicken, Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows.

2. Meditation

Light candle in cauldron and meditate on the past year. Release these memories through grieving, rejoicing or indifference. Write down on a piece of blue paper in the left-hand column everything you want to let go of. Write a summary tag: a picture, symbol or expression that best summarises what you want to release and say goodbye as you toss it into the cauldron (mine was negativity). Breath deeply and imagine your true self, coming clear of these old habits and attitudes and turn your thoughts towards the coming year. On the blue paper in the right-hand column write down everything you wish to welcome into your life. As before write on the summary tag something which best encapsulates your wishes and tie the tag to a celebration glass. Cut the string and recycle the tag, sending out positive energy into the world so that it can find its way back into your life (mine was Be Shay).

3. Make a Toast

Consider a verb that you want to use as your personal affirmation statement for the upcoming year. Fill the celebration glass with the string attached to symbolise your hopes and wishes for the next year and make a toast (my phrase was Enjoy and celebrate everything!).

Meditate on welcoming your wishes and hopes for the upcoming year for 5 minutes each following day until the night of Samhain to give yourself a clearer idea of the direction you are heading, and to allow these ideas to transform into concrete goals and objectives at Samhain.

I have adapted reading material to make this ritual, and have not intentionally copied the work of anyone. If a reader knows who to attribute parts of this ritual to, please let me know so I can give due credit.






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