101 Goals in 1001 Days

The start of a new year always brings about a sense of excitement and buzz in the air for the possibilities the days ahead hold. Don’t let the year pass you by- this year is yours for the taking. Inspire to free your mind, let your dreams grow and make the most out of every opportunity.

Kikki K. Blog

The idea of 101 goals in 1001 days is to constantly work towards something. I started on January 1, 2012 and My 1001 days will end September 27, 2014. I can’t wait to see how many hopes and dreams I have been able to fulfil 🙂 Even if you can’t think of 101 goals to start with, that’s ok. As time passes new things may come to you and you can add them to your list. Alternatively, if you find that you have outgrown some of your original hopes and dreams, that’s ok too. Your list is flexible and reflects you as you are now and what you want at any given moment during the 1001 days.

Good luck and I would love to hear from you and see your lists.
Best wishes,


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